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An exposition of the concept of reincarnation i...
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Death is a factual reality that every human being must encounter. However one fundamental question runs through the minds of men, "what happens after death?" when we die is that the end of our existence or is there a continuous existence in another form? There have been various stories about events that seem to suggest that even after death though the body decays, the soul of the person leaves on. This immortality of the soul is either explained as in the case of most Africans, through ancestor-hood or through a transmigration of the soul of the deceased into another person often times a new born child (reincarnation).There are even some tales in extreme cases of people still having some form of contact with the ghosts of these deceased or even cases where the deceased is said to live another different life somewhere far from his previous life existence and then suddenly disappears when the secret of his death in a previous life is exposed. These mystery of reincarnation will be exposed with focus on the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria.

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